Siapa Pahlawan di Zaman Modern?

Sekarang tanggal 10 November. Lalu?

Iya, sekarang tanggal 10 November. So what?

Tanggal 10 November kan hari Pahlawan? Oooo.. Penting gitu ya?

Dengan segala keskeptisisan yang melanda pribadi yang terhimpit kehidupan keras di zaman yang serba individualistis dan materialistis, adakah pahlawan di zaman modern?

[my personal note]

Menurut Anda?

“Isu” Sounds A Bit Cryptic?

Yeah, perhaps. But let me now add “issue” into the conjunction. Find any similarities between those two?

Isu is an Indonesian word adopted from English word “issue” and assimilated into local dialect. Several meanings can be found in the original utterance but the Indonesian assimilated word is inclined to conveying an idea of disputed point (of view).

So, you ask, am I trying to be controversial?

Well, this blog is actually a cottage in a secluded resort that was built to pile up my notes, my random musings  that do not fit in my tech blog. As my interests grow and shrink with unsteady rate, some allegedly good ideas or inspirations[?] may disappear in the dark, thus letting them lurk or even vanish in the abyss of emptiness, totally abandoned and never looked at back.

If the web application domain now offers mash-up applications, this blog will offer mash-up writings, covering various topics written in various languages (err.. not that “various” actually.¬† currently they are only English, Indonesian, or Korean). I believe, by doing so, i will reach more diverse global audience using simpler platform that’s also easy to manage.

And you may have already disagreed with my earlier statement. If so, I should hastily prepare my next writing…